Best and Free Herpes Dating Site

If you are looking for herpes dating, then you should check out PS Singles. It is one of the best herpes dating sites there is. In this article, we will discuss PS Singles and dating with herpes .

What is PS Singles

PSSingles is a dating website, but it is not meant for everyone. The site is dedicated to people who are living with sexually transmitted diseases. Finding love is hard, but it can be harder if you have herpes, HIV or any other STDs. But the site makes it possible to find someone about sharing the situation. You can find a date, friend, health advisor, or a life partner through the site. is one of the biggest free herpes dating sites. The site keeps all the information about the user confidential. You can find a partner and get on with life as anyone can.

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Number 1 Herpes Dating Site

As we have said before, the PS Single is a special dating site for people who are suffering from STDs. The site not only works as a platform to meet a potential partner but also acts as a healing ground.

In this platform, they can share how they feel about their condition openly with others. They can also share how they have the right to live a normal life. People using the site can receive positive support for their health.

They can share and bond with others, as well as receive encouraging words from the platform to face life. The site focuses on aiding the users both health-wise and through finding a life partner. Of course, there is no saying that you have to find a partner from the site. You can find a good friend, someone to talk to or get married from the site as well.

The dating site is not limited to straight people. It welcomes gays, lesbians, people over the age of 50 and more. The site is available to various countries, the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, the USA, Germany.

People of different sexual orientations, ages, countries, backgrounds are welcomed to the site.


Special Features

As it is with many dating sites, PS Singles have brought some special features that help you communicate with others.

1. Free Chat

Chat must be the most important feature in a dating site. Most sites charge a fee for chatting with someone. However, in PS Singles, you are free to chat there is no cost.

2. Imagine Your First Date

The 'first date' is one feature that sets this site different from other dating websites. In this section, you can write your idea about how you want your first date to be.

Apart from the profile, this feature lets people see you in-depth. When someone is checking through the profile, they can see this part and then decide if they want to date this person.

3. Lets Meet

This is like the common swiping game present in most of the dating apps. You will see user-profiles and you have to swipe them right or left.

A left swipe means rejection and right swipe acceptance.

To meet someone you both need to swipe each other's profile right. After you both match, you can start chatting and plan a date.

While you are using the lets meet feature, you can only swipe 8 people. Then you will see a message saying 'you have finished one round' here you can see your matches or keep swiping.

4. Blogs

Other than the previous amazing features there is also a blog on the website. In this part, you can express yourself better to let the other users see you.

When you are using the blog keep in mind, there are rules you have to follow. The blog is also a great way to find people with interesting thoughts.

5. Forum

If you are not ok with the blog sections, then you can check out the forums of the site. It is another place where you communicate with members of the website.

Mobile App

It is popular on Android and iOS. It has a decent design, with simple to use features. You can easily navigate through the app from one point to another.

Some may wanna use the app for health advice, however, you need to keep in mind this place is just for discussion. For health advice, you need to contact professionals. So, far it is one of the best herpes dating apps in the market.

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How to Date Someone With Herpes

Ones you both are aware of the condition you need to take precautions to prevent herpes dispersal. First of all, you need to communicate well with your partner about the viral spread. Good communication is the basis of a strong relationship.

1. Know the Time of Viral Disperse

The virus is infectious right before blisters start appearing. So, you need to make sure that you are careful in this time. Avoid contact in those times and maintain antiviral medications strictly.

2. Use Condoms

You may use condoms to prevent the spread of the disease. However, during the time of spread, it is best to avoid skin contact. Keep in mind that the virus spreads through oral sex as well.

3. It Does Not Disperse Through Objects

Although sharing a towel, or other objects cannot disperse the virus. But sharing sex toys can transmit it from one person to another. You can use a condom during sex to avoid direct contact or use a condom on sex toys to stop the viral spread.

4. Be Caution and Well Informed About the Disease

If both you and your partner are careful about the disease, you can live a good life similar to normal couples. However, keep in mind there is always a risk of the spread of the virus and you need to be cautious about it.

How to tell someone you have herpes

A person suffering from herpes needs to share this information with his/her partner. When we say share we don't mean you have to apologize or anything. Herpes is quite common among people and you need to let your partner know so that it stops the disease from spreading.

1. Break the News Before Sex

Since it is one of the common STDs, it is obvious you have to tell them before getting involved physically. However, you need to be careful when you do this so. You can start by talking about health and how keeping yourself in good shape is necessary.

2. Observe Your Partner

Next, to raise the topic a bit your start starting talking about stopping virus spread and how to be careful about it. Here you can talk about how people with a viral disease can live a normal life if they are cautious.

3. Select Words Wisely Before Talking

As you are talking. you need to be positive about the matter. Don't inflict any negative thoughts or fear of the infection.

In a sensitive matter such as this, the other party can easily freak out. Hence, you have to tell them in a calm, nice way. Choose the words carefully so that he understands your condition and that you are not to blame.

4. Tell Them About the Disease in a Positive Manner

You need to present your situation in a positive way to your partner. Say something like you want to see a future together but for that, both of you need to be careful about your sexual health.

Share a plan of tackling the problem and how you can have a healthy relationship. Give him/her some time to absorb all the information and think through it.

5. Talk to Him About Your Sexual Health and Why It is Important

Since this is a critical condition you need to watch your partner and see how he is taking this. His expression can tell a lot about how you are handling the situation. Present it as lightly as you can and if you see he is ok with it go for it in detail.

These steps can help you avoid many problems in your relationship as well as help him understand your situation better. Keep in mind that he/she may be shocked when they hear this. So, you need to present it in a way to let him absorb it easily.

What is Herpes

Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease. What makes this disease threatening is that it can spread over skin contact. A person may not have an infection breakout but can transmit the disease to others.

People can carry the herpes virus without any symptoms and signs of the disease and infect other people unknowingly. The virus can live in the body for long periods and show symptoms after years.

1. Causes of Herpes

There are two types of viruses that cause herpes, HSV-1 and HSV-2. HSV-2 is the common type found in people. The moist skin of the infected person can pass the disease to others. Areas such as mouth, genitals, anus that have mucus or the eyes can pass the virus to a healthy person.

The disease is most likely to spread right before blisters appear on the skin. If a mother has genital sore before giving birth then it is likely that the virus is passed on to the baby.

Herpes can be passed in the following ways:

  • 1. Oral sex.
  • 2. Unprotected sex.
  • 3. Genital contact with an infected person.
  • 4. Sharing sex toys.

2. How Severe is HSV-2 Infection

One major problem with herpes is that is spreads through skin contact. Meaning any area that is left exposed can transmit the disease. Apart from that, a person may not know about the infection and transmit it.

Sometimes herpes is not detected, there are no skin blisters, but the virus is ready to infect the next person. Even a blood test fails to detect the virus at times.

There are medicines available for herpes patients. It can prevent the spread of the disease. However; most herpes infection remains dormant for years. So, there is no tlling how you got it in the first place.

If you are dating someone who suffers from herpes, you need to know it is possible. However, you need to be safe and need the right information for doing this.

Final words

After reading this article, you might have realized that herpes cannot stop you from dating. You can use the best herpes dating site to find people who can understand your better, share medications or situations with people.

You can meet and date someone with herpes from PS Singles and share your conditions. Keep in mind dating people with herpes can be difficult but not impossible. Share your health status before getting involved with someone to keep the relationship good between you two. If your partner is well informed there are fewer chances of anything going wrong in the relationship. Good communication keeps a bond healthy.